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Natural ventilation & superior noise reduction
AirQube, natural ventilation & superior noise reduction
Roger KellyRoger Kelly

Roger Kelly graduated from Cambridge University in 1993 with a Masters in Engineering and another Masters in Environmental Design in Architecture. It was his passion for music that has led him to take up a career in Acoustics. In 2002 Roger started the UK franchise of a Belgium based company CDM which specialises in noise and vibration isolation. This company has grown from strength to strength and will turnover approximately £2M in the UK in 2014. Roger is a Director on the main board of the CDM Group in Belgium and is currently the Chairman of the Building Acoustics Group of the Institute of Acoustics and is a well-respected professional in the industry. Roger first met Chris in 1997 when they were both working for Arup Acoustics in the Sydney office and they have been collaborating ever since. Roger’s applied engineering experience and extensive list of international contacts in the acoustics industry make him the perfect Sales Director for Qubism.

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Dr Chris FieldDr Chris Field

Chris holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a PhD in Acoustics. As an outcome of his PhD, Chris invented and obtained international patents for a passive noise control ventilator for naturally ventilated buildings, called Silenceair®. He joined Arup in 1996 as an acoustic consultant. Chris specialises in the use of natural ventilation in commercial and residential buildings while maintaining acoustic comfort. He won the Australian Acoustical Society 2004 Excellence in Acoustics Award and won the 2004 Invention of the Year on the ABC’s New Inventors TV programme. Chris has over 20 peer refereed technical publications, holds 3 international patents and contributed two chapters to the Encyclopedia of Noise Control. He is also on the technical review panel for the Australian Green Building Council’s Greenstar® building rating system with regards to acoustic design credits. He is the Technical Director of Qubism Ltd.

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